Frequently asked questions

Do you have a Patreon? How can I support you?

I do not have a Patreon at this time, nor do I have any plans to make one available. For those who are able and choose to support content creators monetarily, there are a few ways to support my many projects. *Purchasing items from my shop. *Direct donation: *To contribute to the coven library:\ *Speak to your local pagan shops and bookstores about carrying my book or goods. *Reach out to your local library and mortuary science programs about adding my book to their resources. And as always, like, share, and tag!

What is a High Priestex?

I am a non-binary person who was assigned female at birth, was female socialized, and am “femme-presenting,” and I prefer honorifics that do not define me by my gender. Priestex is that for me, and more. In Wiccan traditions you often see a binary of roles – generally High Priestess and High Priest though many of us out there doing The Work™ don’t have working partners and wear all the hats. For me, those titles aren’t about gender, but are about the roles we fill. Life and death, creation and destruction, east and west. I lead my Coven all on my lonesome, and for me Priestex is not only a word that is void of gender, but one that says I’m something in the middle, capable of filling all those roles at once.

My pronouns are she/her, and prefer X suffixed honorifics and titles for examples Mx, Directrix, Necromantrix, Priestex, and so on.

Cost is a barrier to your services/workshops, are there options for me?

In the event that cost is a barrier to any services, classes, or videos, please reach out directly through the contact page for a code that will provide 100% off the cost. Be certain to note which specific service, class, or video you were interested in.

Is it legal to own/sell human remains?

In the United States it is not illegal to own human remains, though there are particular rules and laws about where you may acquire them, what you may own, and so on. Some states (Georgia, Louisiana) and countries have more strict laws, and human remains cannot be shipped to or from those states. In all cases, do check your local laws and regulations before purchasing such items.
For information about where I acquire bones (particularly human bones), as well as legality and ethical issues, please take time to view my Osteomancy workshop which is available for streaming on-demand. There I discuss a lot of reputatble sources, as well as how to caretake, manage, and work with bone.

Where can I get a vouch for your Gardnerian Lineage?

The Coven of Leaves is a Long Island Line coven established in 2015, and we're always happy when seekers reach out to us through our website. For information about our (or my) credentials, please reach out to me directly.

But who are you?

Recently I was on the receiving end of being doxxed by someone who held the mistaken impression that my personal magical practice was not ethically or legally aligned with working in deathcare. I don't enjoy being threatened by strangers who haven't taken the time to know me, and you cannot take what I give away freely.

And so, if you're just dying to know my mundane information I live in a small town called Rutherfordton NC, and my mundane name is Terra Amorello. That version of me isn't particularly exciting aside from the aforementioned volunteerism, face painting regularly at county fairs, and being a parent to three children. Someday I hope to legally change my name to Mortellus.

What are your degrees/certifications/memberships held?

My degrees are an AA in Graphic Design from MTCC, BFA in Graphic Design from SCAD, AA in General Education from FTCC, and an AAS in Funeral Services (dual funeral directing and embalming) from FTCC. I am presently a member of the NFDMA (likely to allow that membership to expire), and hold several mostly unrelated professional certifications because I very much love learning things.

Where can I get information about your deathcare work?

I am associated with deathcare in multiple ways at any given time:

  • As a clergy person providing care, last rites, and services to the dead/dying/bereaved
  • Through volunteer work with a variety of agencies/groups.
  • Through my Necromantic magical practice.
  • As graduate of a mortuary sciences program pursuant to my residency requirements. At this time, rather than working toward my singular career goals, I have moved my focus toward volunteering my time and service to the NFDA's Covid response volunteer program, The Medical Reserve Corps, and the NCDHHS DMORT program which through this national crisis has relied upon students and apprentices/residents in addition to their licensed workforce.

But... are the items you sell from your work?

Nope! Any human remains used in my talismanic work or other goods are purchased through legally available sources. For information about where I acquire bones specifically (particularly human bones), as well as legality and ethical issues, please take time to view my Osteomancy workshop which is available for streaming on-demand. There I discuss a lot of reputatble sources, as well as how to caretake, manage, and work with bone. Other items, such as cremated remains, corpse water, et al have been donated to me by individuals in my faith community (and yes, they did know what they were for). Feel free to use cremains that you own in your magical practice, and make your own corpse water by preserving the water with which you have bathed your deceased loved one - just ya know, maybe don't drink it, it's probably gross.

That's pretty neat - can I send you items?

Yes you can! If you'd like me to give a loving home to your cremated animal companion or loved one, would like to send corpse water you've bottled from your home funeral or deathcare work, or just have a neat weird thing like animal bones, fossils, or other items, please reach out to me through the contact page! These items can, at your request, be stored quietly in my homes temple - or made available to others for their magical practice.

If you would like to will your bones to me for future magical use or for return to your loved ones or magical family after your death, that too is something I would be happy to discuss with you.