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Spirit Board

Spirit Board

Spirit boards, Talking boards, "Ouija," by any name they are an intercessor to the spaces beyond the veil and communicating with the dead. Truly one of a kind, Mortellus is handcrafting 13 Spirit Boards from the recycled wood of a disinterred Victorian Era pine "toe pincher" coffin. The wood from which they are being crafted is not only in excess of 200 years old, but bears a truly unique quality. Each board has spent over two years lovingly cared for in ritual space, with each being assigned control spirits inclined to assist the living in their efforts to communicate with the dead.

An ideal tool for the necromantic practitioner that simply cannot be replicated, these truly unique boards hold the character that only the original item could hold, each bearing all the bumps, cracks, and stains that one would expect of a used coffin. These items are hand cut and carved, carefully cleaned, stained, and given a protective coating, these pieces are sure to stand the test of time, going on to become heirloom objects worthy of any collection.


Note: Only three remain from this limited edition set of thirteen. Each is finished to order, and ships 6-8 weeks after your payment in full has been received. Mortellus will communicate if there are any expected delays in shipping.

Each spirit board will include a planchette, will be branded on the back with Mortellus's seal, and numbered. Please reach out through the contact page with any questions. 

  • Payment Plan Available

    Please note that Affirm is available at checkout through Paypal, as well as Paypals own pay-as-you-go option, and you can get pre-approval for Affirm at These options are better for Mortellus, as they receive payment in full immediately!

    If you would like to purchase this item in three installments through Mortellus directly a downpayment of $200.00 is required. Payments may be made at your discretion, in whatever amount you'd like, with the final amount due on the date noted in your invoice. Reach out to Mortellus directly through the contact page to inquire.

  • Shipping Policy for Spirit Boards

    For those of you who pre-ordered in October: these will ship in December (the date has not yet been determined).

    For those ordering after November 1st: Your pieces are made to order, in the order received, and will take no less than one month to create (excluding Mortellus' vacation dates in December). If you'd like more information including an estimate of shipping for your piece, reach out to Mortellus through the contact page.

    Shipping will be billed separately via Paypal at a rate calculated for your address and per your shipping instructions (such as insurance, etc). If you require international shipping, or a different method, please reach out through our contact page to arrange for invoicing.

  • Refund and Cancellation Policy

    All sales are final. Mortellus reserves the right to cancel or decline any order, for any reason. If you require a cancellation of your pre-order, you will receive shop credit for the amount paid. 

  • Shipping Damages or Losses

    In a perfect world, a section like this one would not be necessary, but sadly, the postal service has been damaging packages more and more of late. Mortellus wishes they could replace every single one in the rare instance that this happens (and sometimes does) but can't in every instance. If you'd like shipping insurance, reach out before placing your order (tracking numbers are always provided). Otherwise, if something goes sideways in the mail, reach out and Mortellus will do all that they can to assist, but as a general policy: Mortellus is not responsible for items damaged or lost in shipping, and cannot offer replacements.

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