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A Flame Lily | Traditional Witch | A Morrigan devotee |ᗢ Seeress | Bean-nighe | Revenant |Cis | Her/She/They |Libra⚖️| Clairaudient| Animist | Bi

I am the 9th great granddaughter of Mary Elizebeth Andrew-Barnes 🦉🕸🖤

“Women are the spinners, and the weavers; no matter how deeply we lose ourselves in the dark woods, we can always picture the shining thread of the river, far off in the distance. Women know how to find the way out of the woods; we only have to remember that we know it.”

~ Sharon Blackie


  • Necromancer
    Friend of deathcare workers and of the dead. This badge can only acquired as a gift.
Rebecca “Lilium Ember Ivy Veil" Barnes

Traditional Cottage Witch

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