Who is Mortellus?

Mortellus is a lineaged Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex of the Long Island Line. Presently busy at work on a second book for Llewellyn Worldwide, with the first, Do I Have To Wear Black? Rituals, Customs & Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans, which hit the shelves February 8, 2021.


In addition to their role as High Priestex, Lady Mortellus is a Mortician, and holds degrees in Design, Education, Fine Arts, and Mortuary Sciences.

Their areas of expertise include necromancy, necrobotany, mediumship, and the funerary rites of minority faith groups. Currently residing in Western North Carolina on three acres that doubles as the Covenstead for the Coven of Leaves with their spouse, adult child, AMAB/AFAB twins, and dog; generally wishing there was more time in the day for hiding in the studio and playing with clay.


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