Grimoire: 9oz Casket Wicked Candle

Dusty leather-bound tomes fill mahogany shelves waiting to be discovered.


Hand poured 9oz soy spell candles in a gorgeous matte black lidded ceramic tumbler with an approximate 60 hour burn time. These candles contain a wooden wick, carefully hand cut from a used casket and treated carefully to function as a merrily crackling wooden wick.


About the fragrance: Leather-bound books, wood

About the magic: Treated to aid one in the processing, comprehension, and retention of ancient knowledge.


Through a process unique to them, Mortellus distills magical materials into their wax base for a richly infused, but clean candle. You will find no debris, or unwanted materials in the way of your work - simply a perfectly clean infusion with the resulting effect meaning you get 100% of your nine ounce candle with no objects taking space or creating a hazard.

Ships March 31st, 2021

Grimoire: 9oz Casket Wicked Candle


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