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emBALM Necromantic Lip Balm: Holiday In Hades

emBALM Necromantic Lip Balm: Holiday In Hades

Lonesome and haunting, this incense blend invokes the myth of Mint. Her longing heart, expressed in vanilla, pining for Hades. Notes of mint grown under pines in forgotten cemetery spaces, pine overhanging a potters field, and bourbon vanilla.

Allergy notes:
Mortellus does not use artificial flavorings or essential oils in these balms. All are made with soybean and castor oils as well as carnauba, candelilla, and bees waxes. Holiday in Hades is scented with mint and juniper grown by Mortellus, which is gently simmered in the base materials with a vanilla bean and is sweetened with stevia.

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