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Ossuary Eau de Parfum

Ossuary Eau de Parfum

Scent Notes: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean, and sage create a complex fragrance with Orange and Lavendar. 


Magic: Tap into your own body as a necromantic component, feel the connection to the facets of your soul, bound by flesh and bone.


Character: Decidedly non-binary


Imagine: Remenescent of fall, crisp without being cloying.A decidedly woodsy winter character reminicent of holidays best forgotten.


About: Each of Mortellus' unisex fragrances are created to summon to mind a feeling... a memory... a bit fo magic. Through a process unique to them, Mortellus distills magical materials into their base for a richly fragranced, highly concentrated product, to provide a long-lasting fragrance. Each of these boutique scents is a uniquely magical experience, packed into a luxurious parfum that allows you to take a little magic with you wherever you go.


Hand poured 30 ml fragrance.

  • Shipping Policy

    Orders ship on Mondays, within two weeks of purchase unless otherwise noted. USPS ground is our standard shipping method. If you require international shipping, or a different method, please reach out through our contact page to arrange for invoicing.

  • Refund and Cancellation Policy

    All sales are final. Mortellus reserves the right to cancel any order, for any reason.

  • Local Pickup

    For local pickup arrangements in Rutherford County NC, please reach out to Mortellus through the contact page prior to placing your order.

  • International Orders

    Please reach out directly with questions regarding cost and availability.

  • Shipping Damages or Losses

    In a perfect world, a section like this one would not be necessary, but sadly, the postal service has been damaging packages more and more of late. Mortellus wishes they could replace every single one in the rare instance that this happens (and sometimes does) but can't in every instance. If you'd like shipping insurance, reach out before placing your order (tracking numbers are always provided). Otherwise, if something goes sideways in the mail, reach out and Mortellus will do all that they can to assist, but as a general policy: Mortellus is not responsible for items damaged or lost in shipping, and cannot offer replacements.

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