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Spirit Calming Incense

Spirit Calming Incense

This incense is blended with the anxious spirit in mind. For those indeplorati, insepulti, and those who've suffered traumatic or lonely deaths, imagine this incense being like an anti-depressant for the dead. Hand blended by Mortellus with herbs and plants from their personal necrobotanical garden and the cemeteries that they frequent. Each batch is a little bit unique depending on the available botanicals and time of year.


*weights and measures are approximate for shipping purposes. This is a one ounce sized bag.


Note that spirit calming incense contains materials that are unsafe for consumption or use around pets and children.

  • Sliding Scale Pricing

    Mortellus currently prices all items in their shop as low as they possibly can, which means thier profit margin is incredibly small. If you'd like to support Mortellus, they've offered some tiered pricing for items allowing them to keep rates low for those with financial barriers, and make available higher retail rates for those who can afford them and choose to support Mortellus' work in this way. 

  • Shipping Policy

    Orders ship on Mondays, within two weeks of purchase unless otherwise noted. USPS ground is our standard shipping method. If you require international shipping, or a different method, please reach out through our contact page to arrange for invoicing.


  • Refund and Cancellation Policy

    All sales are final. Mortellus reserves the right to cancel any order, for any reason.


  • Local Pickup

    For local pickup arrangements in Rutherford County NC, please reach out to Mortellus through the contact page prior to placing your order.


  • International Orders

    Please reach out directly with questions regarding cost and availability.

  • Shipping Damages or Losses

    In a perfect world, a section like this one would not be necessary, but sadly, the postal service has been damaging packages more and more of late. Mortellus wishes they could replace every single one in the rare instance that this happens (and sometimes does) but can't in every instance. If you'd like shipping insurance, reach out before placing your order (tracking numbers are always provided). Otherwise, if something goes sideways in the mail, reach out and Mortellus will do all that they can to assist, but as a general policy: Mortellus is not responsible for items damaged or lost in shipping, and cannot offer replacements.

PriceFrom $10.00
1 Fluid ounce
Excluding Sales Tax |


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