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Do I Have To Wear Black?

Rituals, Customs & Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans

Explore the myriad of customs that have emerged around death and dying in the magical and Pagan communities. Filled with rituals, meditations, legal considerations, and deep insights into death as a spiritual process, this book can be used by magical practitioners or shared with non-Pagan professionals who support Pagans in their final transitions. Available wherever fine books are sold.

Do I Have To Wear Black? Signed by the Author

Do I Have To Wear Black? Signed by the Author


I think we've let a generation dictate the terms of engagement for so long that we're finding ourselves at a late date without any sort of theological, cosmological, or liturgical infrastructure for helping people cope with death - the single thing that all spiritual paths have in common.

Do I Have To Wear Black? is doing the work that all our traditions and paths should've already done.

Misha Magdalene | Author

Outside The Charmed Circle

As the culture of Paganism continues to grow and mature, we will hopefully address all the needs of life and death from our own perspectives. Do I Have To Wear Black? is a much-needed guide to navigate the many choices encountered when a loved one dies. I think it will also inspire you to have discussions about what you and the people in your life may wish for the concluding chapter in their story. Mortellus speaks from her personal and professional experience which brings a sense of comfort and strength to the book that makes difficult material accessible and inviting. The best time to read this book is long before you need it. The second-best time to read this book is in your time of need.

Ivo Dominguez | Author

Keys to Perception

Do I Have To Wear Black is a deeply personal and yet utterly relatable book that guides the reader through a process that many in the modern world fear: Death. From dying and the afterlife, to planning funerals and funerary rites, to the grieving process this book is an essential guide to everything we usually look away from.

Here we are invited to dive deep and find comfort in what for many is the most frightening part of the cycle of the soul. Truly a must read.

Morgan Daimler | Author

The Morrigan: Meeting The Great Queens

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Do I Have To Wear Black?

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